Sloquet Creek natural hot springs

October 8th Sunday to 9th Monday.

We decided to go to a natural hot spring. It’s six hours away from Vancouver including 2 hours off road.

These are pictures on the way when we stopped at the gas station.

We stopped by first nation’s town as well. There was an abandoned church which has no longer service. It looked spooky but gorgeous.

After a few hours drive more- very rough off road drive, we arrived at our camping site. It was a long weekend for thanksgiving so there are a lot of campers and dogs. As a matter of fact, there was only one spot left. We were pretty lucky because we saw more cars coming after us.


There was a river right below the hot springs. So what people do is that they go to cold water and come back to the hot water saying it’s good for blood circulation, metabolism, and skin.

And… I tried indeed. To be honest it was damn cold and hard to enjoy it at first but I got used to it after a couple of tries. And I just got to love it. It was so much more fun than just staying in the hot water! Now I got to understand for the old ladies in a bathhouse going back and forth between cold water and hot water. I’ve been thinking that it’s crazy but it is, in fact, enjoyable!

Oh one crazy thing happened there was that I met my coworker there. I don’t even know many people in Vancouver and I met someone I know where 6 hours away from the city. What a small world! Haha.

After that, we made gnocchi with bell peppers and bacon and steak marinated with lots of mints and olive oil.

I usually don’t drink unless it’s a party, but I happened to drink a glass of wine and passed out… It wasn’t my plan. My plan was go back to hot spring at night time, get naked, and see the stars and shooting stars enjoying night view of the hot spring.

But well, I missed it. maybe next year ;(

On the way back, we checked out whistler village since I said I’ve never been there. It was pretty nice place. Some cute stores and romantic bars and restaurants. I will definitely have to visit there for skiing this winter.

It was pretty fun for a short trip thanks to my friends.